Author: Emma Li

Photoshoot with Liv

It has been a long time since I posted anything. A lot has happened as you can imagine! For one, I have moved to San Francisco, which is very exciting. I went to a Tony Robbins’ four day event last month in L.A. It’s there I met Liv. Liv is a freshman in college and

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Photographer Paradise

About two weekends ago, I went on a photo shoot at somebody’s backyard in Sacramento area. The owner of the house is a photographer. She turned her backyard into a photographer paradise with outdoor beds, bath tubs, and a tree house. I really like how this set turns out. After months of experimentation, I finally

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Photo Shoot With Marila

Many of you probably don’t know that I run a photography meetup group called SF Bay Area Models, Bloggers, and Photographers Collective. We just had our last meetup this Saturday at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. About a year ago, we did our first ever shoot with models event. It was my first time shooting

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Photography Trip with Kalista and Good Inc to Big Sur

Recently I took a trip with Good Inc to Big Sur. I’m so happy model @listyyloo came with us in the trip. I really like Kalista’s look. She is so versatile and can literally transforms herself with each unique outfit. Set 1 The first set is by McWay Falls. You can’t see the water fall

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Photo Shoot with The Urban Nerd Brand

When Shane, the founder of the Urban Nerd brand, contacted me through email about doing a photo shoot for his clothing line, I was more than excited. You guys know how much I’m passionate about fashion. To be able to help a new brand convey its vision, that seems like a dream job. After talking

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Photography Workshop with the Portrait Culture Team

You guys know that I have a meetup group called SF Bay Area models, bloggers, photographers collective. We had two huge events on the weekend of Jan 20th. We partnered up with the Portrait Culture, Crafted Moment and the Capital One Cafe. We also had a workshop taught by Drenick and Miles. Here is a

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Vlog #5: Trip to Eureka, Staying in an Airstream for the first time!

My friend Jenny and I took a last minute trip to Eureka. We stayed at an Airstream for the first time. It was so cute. The next day we visited old town Eureka and Humboldt Redwood State Park. It was a short but sweet trip.  

Vlog #4: Two Photographers Shoot Two Models

Last weekend, fellow photographer James, Model Chloe, Taylor and I went on a photography excursion to sunset, San Francisco and Mount Tamalpais. Here is a behind the scene look of our little trip and some photos we created from it. Recently I got asked a lot about why I like photography so much. At first

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My Work with Musician AeonFlow. Featured on Outsider’s Magzine

When my musician friend John Krause asks me to take photos of him for a magazine, I was happy to do the job. I have known John for two to three years now. I first met John when he was working on an app for homeless people. He had at one point become homeless when

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