Snowflake Hair

snowflake hair

Capital Hill, Seattle. 

This is the last picture I took in Seattle. I’m glad I got to capture Seattle’s cherry blossom in one of my photos. The cool thing is that her hair color is almost matching the cherry blossom in the background. I asked if that was her natural hair color. She said it was not. I think she picked the right color. It fits her perfectly.

For some reason, the green door drew my attention. It was in such a contrast to everything else in the picture.

My Lucky Day

my personal best

This is one of the last pictures I took in Seattle. I was just about wrapping up the day. I saw this cool vintage store and decided to check it out. Next to the vintage store, there was a store selling used furniture. I was thinking how cool it would be if I could take pictures with somebody actually sitting outside on the couch. Because this is a really interesting background. Next thing you know Katie walked down the street as if she knew that she would be photographed that day. She had the perfect outfit, hair and make up!

Katie is an illustrator, designer and artist. Her website is There are some great works shown on her website. Thanks so much for making my vision come true!

Talking about Vintage

from Italy

Capital Hill, Seattle.

They are from Italy. They just finished shopping at a vintage store. They told me people in Italy don’t really wear used clothes because it’s considered old and worn. But here people like them. All their outfits are from a vintage store (except his underwear he said). They also told me that people in Italy don’t like to show their socks. But here people like to show off their socks. Haha. Funny but true.