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Let’s Talk About the Millennial Problem: Impatience.

  Patience is a virtue, but we millennials got none. As a millennial, we all get big dreams. We don’t want to be normal. We see “success” happened to other people who are our age or even younger. Youtube and Instagram made it possible for normal people to be influencers and have their own voices

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Finding the Right Photographer to Work With

Being in front of camera has taught me a lot about photography. Because both the model and the photographer make a photo. Now I have shot with quite a few different photographers, I took notes from the subject’s perspective. One thing we might overlook is that when the photographer is nice and genuine, it evokes

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How to Live Creatively in a Not So Creative World

Do you ever feel like you can’t be yourself? Like the world wants you to act and behave certain ways? Well, resit that urge to fit in, because it’s more interesting to lead a life that is unconventional than the other way around. You may actualize your values and dreams only if you stick to

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