Meet Dasha

I met Dasha on the street of SF like most people I featured on the blog. I think she is one of the coolest people I have met for a while.

She came to the U.S last year for college from South Korea. She didn’t go to high school but worked instead. She said because of that she got to learn about what she likes or doesn’t like in makeup and fashion at an early age. She went to university though after taking an exam similar to SAT.


I asked her what her major is in college, she said restaurant management, but she wanted to try something else too. She said, “As long as I figure out something before 40, it’s ok.” I was thinking to myself. Wow. I really like her attitude.

The thing I get out of Dasha’s story is that you need to create your own path. Not just simply follow what everyone does. Here she is in America, experiencing a new culture. She seems to be so confident in herself and so comfortable in her own skin. Is it just youth? What happened to us adults, I mean people who have been working for a while after college? Lol we don’t seem to be as hopeful, it’s something to think about.


My Journey as a Photographer

In terms of photography, some people love to shoot food. Some people love to shoot landscape and architecture. Some people love to shoot nature and animals. I just happen to love to shoot people and fashion. That’s pretty much all I shoot – Portraits. I would like to shoot my heart out with portraits and really master this craft. I’m putting my wish out there and I’m getting mentors to help me get there.

Followers or not, getting paid or not, I’m going to continue to shoot. If you like to ride a bike, you don’t stop ridding because nobody is paying you to bike, or nobody follows your biking journey. lol. You do it because you love it so much. You are so fascinated by it. You want to always improve your craft, it’s almost like an addition. The satisfaction you get by simply creating and producing is enough motivation to keep you going.

It seems to be me at this point that photography is going to be a lifetime thing. I know as long as I don’t stop, I can only get better.

Here is what I realize recently.

Location + Model + Time + Photographer = A Good Photo

You need to find cool locations to shoot.

You need to find models who can work with you.

You need to have time to go on these shoots.

You need to improve your skills as a photographer.

A community helps as well. Shooting with other photographers has been a very nice experience for me. Because you want to be with like minded people. Shooting with photographers who are better than you is important too. That’s how you learn.

These are just some thoughts I have recently because I feel like I have grown and learned a lot in the past few months from all the things I have done that are related to photography. Just want to take a note on these little steps we take in life, one day we can look back and say, wow, I have come pretty far now.

A Day in Emma’s Life


Shooting with a fellow photographer from France for work. Capturing beautiful people on the street.


Going to see a friend’s photos on display at a shop in Mission.


I found the coolest kids in Mission, literally. That 90s outfit! You kids beat all the hipsters in the area in the fashion game.


Taking Bart from Mission back to downtown. Yes, I’m looking at you and I’m taking a picture of you. So?


Back to Powell St. I need to get back to the office to pick up some stuff before heading home. Talking about fashion with these two 17 years old. Get some perspective on street wear. Learned a new word “hype kids”, people who wear supreme, babe, etc.