Hello 2017


Financial District, SF

I caught this beautiful couple on a rainy Saturday afternoon in SF. It was her birthday! I absolutely love the retro feel of their looks. The leather, coat, scarf, fur and umbrella all complement each other very well.

It’s as if you know that every piece of their clothing has some history behind it. They have a connection with what they are wearing and have taken good care of their clothes. It’s not fast food type of clothes, where you buy it and throw it away after a year or two.


My Lucky Day

my personal best

This is one of the last pictures I took in Seattle. I was just about wrapping up the day. I saw this cool vintage store and decided to check it out. Next to the vintage store, there was a store selling used furniture. I was thinking how cool it would be if I could take pictures with somebody actually sitting outside on the couch. Because this is a really interesting background. Next thing you know Katie walked down the street as if she knew that she would be photographed that day. She had the perfect outfit, hair and make up!

Katie is an illustrator, designer and artist. Her website is katie-mcguire.com. There are some great works shown on her website. Thanks so much for making my vision come true!