Back to the Basic, which is to Hit That Street for me.

I have been doing street photography for a while now, two years actually. Recently I felt a little bit down, I don’t seem to find my voice in my photos.

But today it all clicks to me. It’s like I finally did enough quantity, something in quality changes. I have devoted a lot of time looking at other people’s works,  watching videos and reading articles in this field. I finally make one break through in my style (more like in my mind), which is to make the photos look as candid as possible.

Another important thing is to have a sense of play in my work. What brings me back to the street again and again is that true sense of wonder and joy. I’m working in downtown SF again, this time I would not let my photography take the back seat like what I did when I started working full time in 2015.

2017, I’m dedicating this year to hone my photography skills. I’m going to do whatever it takes to take it to the next level.



Oakland, CA.

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you can not deny that she is very unique and pretty.

The reason my blog is called Imaginesville is that I would like to see more people live their lives with imagination, our outfit is just one way we express ourselves.

If your look causes wonder, then you are in imaginesville.

Taking a Chance



San Francisc0, CA.

I was helping Ian with a professional head shot. I was looking for an interesting background and I found it.

Ian is from France. He is in San Francisco to attend a coding school. He said he could get a well paid job in Paris, but he decided to take a chance to come here. We were talking about how expensive SF is. But he thinks it’s worth it. He said, “I’m young. I can always move back to France.”