Photo Shoot with The Urban Nerd Brand

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When Shane, the founder of the Urban Nerd brand, contacted me through email about doing a photo shoot for his clothing line, I was more than excited. You guys know how much I’m passionate about fashion. To be able to help a new brand convey its vision, that seems like a dream job.

After talking on the phone with Shane and understanding what he wanted to do, we both couldn’t wait to get started.  While we were waiting on his new clothes to get in the mail, (They were produced and shipped form the U. K. for better quality )we were set to work. The first thing is to secure models. I put up a post on Craigslist and my own social media to cast two models. I was glad the time I put into networking this past year has paid off. We were able to get two great models. One is my friend Malika, the other is a male model called Oscar I met from a meetup I went last year.

Shane created a Google doc that outlined his vision. The next thing was to finalize the location. We wanted two backgrounds. One was a coffee shop, the other was street setting. I again posted the question of coffee shop on my social media to get recommendations from fellow photographers. Meanwhile, I researched on cool coffee shops for photo shoots in SF and read a ton of blog posts on this subject. Finally I decided on The Mill. The place looks very spacious and has the vibe we are looking for. For the street parts, we could just walk around and find nice urban settings since the neighborhood is by Alamo Square and has many cool Victorian buildings.

Final step to prepare for the photo shoot was to get a list of outfits and accessories for models to bring. We were our own stylists for the day. Good thing is Shane and I, the two models all have a good taste in fashion, so this part is not too hard.

Lastly, we set a date and time. The day of the photo shoot was so fun. We were able to execute on all the shots we wanted and improvised a little on the street. The results are the beautiful photos you see here and more coming up on the Urban Nerd Website.

I also made a video on behind the scenes of this photo shoot, you can take a look here.


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