Photography Trip with Kalista and Good Inc to Big Sur

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Recently I took a trip with Good Inc to Big Sur. I’m so happy model @listyyloo came with us in the trip. I really like Kalista’s look. She is so versatile and can literally transforms herself with each unique outfit.

Set 1

The first set is by McWay Falls. You can’t see the water fall because it’s a little bit further away from where we shot. I found the tunnel on the way to the view point and used it as a cool background.







Set 2

This set is at the iconic Bixby Creek Bridge. Krista borrowed this white dress from her sister. It’s actually her sister’s prom dress. She also brought the red silk, which worked out nicely in the wind.





This girl is so brave to climb to the edge of the bridge for the photo shoot.

Set 3

Last set is on the way back by a beach during sunset. At this point, we had pretty low light. I had to crank up the ISO, which is why there are more noise in the photos. But I kind of like it, it’s film like.




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