Photo Shoot With Marila

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Many of you probably don’t know that I run a photography meetup group called SF Bay Area Models, Bloggers, and Photographers Collective.

We just had our last meetup this Saturday at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

About a year ago, we did our first ever shoot with models event. It was my first time shooting with models (before that I was doing street photography). Since then I have gone out to shoot with models like every weekend in 2017. Now I got to introduce other photographers to shoot with models through our meetup group. It’s great to be able to to pay it forward, that’s for sure.

Here are some photos I took at the meetup with @marilawanders. She has a great fashion sense and her Instagram page is beautiful.








PS. Quite a few new people subscribed to my blog this year. I would write something personal soon so you guys can get to know me more I promise. ^^

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