Bye 2020. Hello, 2021!

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Hello, readers. I’m sorry that I haven’t uploaded anything in 2020. I have not forgotten about you or my blog. You would think I would have a lot of down time in a year like 2020 where you can’t go to a lot of places. Surprisingly, I have kept myself busy working a full time job as a Risk Analyst and taking a lot of dance classes. I have been listening to a lot of audio books as well. I would share some of my reflections on that front in another post.

A lot has happened in 2020. I’m sure just like everyone, we all went through some major changes in life. Here’s my 2020.

A year ago, when I had teal colored hair and COVID was not a thing. I did this photo shoot with @intellectualthnkr before I went to China. In January 2020, I went to China for Chinese New Year. Little did I know that I got myself a first hand experience with COVID. Witnessing how it broke out in China and how the Chinese government and people responded so swiftly. With all the trains and flights cutting down and restrictions on people flying out of China to the US. I was scared for my life that I wouldn’t be able to come back to the US. I would lose my job and have my life derailed. Luckily, I was able to come back with a very expensive flight.

I experienced a few weeks of peace and quietness after I got back. Then I saw how COVID unfolded in the US all over again. I started to wear a mask as soon as I heard the first case of community spread in California. Back then, the US government and media were still telling people that you didn’t need to wear a mask. Needless to say, the US had a terrible start. From there, it just got worse and worse. You guys already know the rest of the story.

During this turbulent time, I came to visit my ex Brian in the countryside in June. Originally I was just going to spend two weeks here. Next thing I know two weeks turned into six month. Two things made me want to stay here. One is it’s a lot safer living in the countryside. We don’t have any neighbors and are surrounded by nature. So I don’t need to worry about COVID constantly like I was living in the city. The second reason is I enjoyed Brian’s company. We knew each other since our college days and got along very well. It was an upgrade compared to the time I quarantined with my roommates.

When I first got up here, I was feeling scared about the climate we lived in. COVID cases kept climbing up. Protest and looting were breaking out. When I was in SF, my roommate witnessed how the weed store across the street was robbed several days in a roll. The owner carried a shotgun when they loaded their truck.

Above all, it was the uncertainty that made me feel most uneasy. I was scared to go back to SF and live in that isolated life. I quarantined with my roommate for almost two months. It was a very difficult time not being able to see my friends. I didn’t want to do it again. I felt like I was saved or spared after settling into the countryside with Brian.

By December I had been gone from my apartment for six months and I was still paying rent. Brian encouraged me to move out. I thought he was right. It was better that I took care of it sooner than later since the cases kept going up. So we went back to SF and moved my stuff out to a storage unit. That marked the end of me living in SF.

Like a lot of people, I left the city. All in all, I had my apartment in SF for two years, but I lived there for a year and half. There were a lot of good memories, mostly having friends over and hosting get togethers at my apartment, the park, and the beach. The city offered a lot of entertainment. I could just go to a concert or a bar any day of the week. I was pretty sleep deprived when I was living in SF. Even though I had cut my commuting time drastically by living in the city, I did a lot more social activities. So I was going to bed pretty late.

Looking back, I’m very happy that I got the opportunity to live in SF. I always dreamed of living in SF. For a while I didn’t think it would happen for me, because how expensive rent is in SF. But I found an apartment with rent control and really cool roommates at a great location. The universe had an opening for me and I took the leap.

I think I have taken the most advantage of living in SF by doing as much as I could at that time. There’s a time for everything. I’ll miss you, SF. I can always visit you later.

So that’s my 2020. I hope you guys are ok and life hasn’t treat you too harshly. I will try to write more blog posts and not leave such a big gap. Peace and love!

Hair cut and colored by @angelagray_
📸: @intellectualthnkr

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