Finding the Right Photographer to Work With

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Being in front of camera has taught me a lot about photography. Because both the model and the photographer make a photo. Now I have shot with quite a few different photographers, I took notes from the subject’s perspective.

One thing we might overlook is that when the photographer is nice and genuine, it evokes certain emotions from the subject. This shoot with Jason is the perfect example of that. Jason was able to make me relax, be myself and smile, which is reflected in the photos.

When a photographer is cold and in a rush, it makes the subject not want to be there.
For me personally, it doesn’t matter how great a photographer is, if his/her personality is not inviting, I would not want to work with him/her.
I guess in photography it is like everything else, it is about how you makes the other person feel in the end of the day. I know what kind of photographer I want to be. I want my subject to feel good about themselves, not the other way around.

When you have that one bad experience with a photographer, it makes you appreciate the nice ones.




How do you find the right photographer? I think that it is important that you get along with a photographer especially if you are going to work with each other on a consistent basis. The best practice is to test shoot with a few different photographers and see what their personality and their photography style is.

I also worked with some great photographers, but they didn’t get the photos back to me until a month to two months later. So it is good to just try out a few photographers to see who has great photography skills but also has the best personality and can deliver your photos timely.

Photographer: Jason Simmons

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