Author: Emma Li

Vlog #5: Trip to Eureka, Staying in an Airstream for the first time!

My friend Jenny and I took a last minute trip to Eureka. We stayed at an Airstream for the first time. It was so cute. The next day we visited old town Eureka and Humboldt Redwood State Park. It was a short but sweet trip.  

Vlog #4: Two Photographers Shoot Two Models

Last weekend, fellow photographer James, Model Chloe, Taylor and I went on a photography excursion to sunset, San Francisco and Mount Tamalpais. Here is a behind the scene look of our little trip and some photos we created from it. Recently I got asked a lot about why I like photography so much. At first

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My Work with Musician AeonFlow. Featured on Outsider’s Magzine

When my musician friend John Krause asks me to take photos of him for a magazine, I was happy to do the job. I have known John for two to three years now. I first met John when he was working on an app for homeless people. He had at one point become homeless when

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5 Strategies on Finding Models to Work with as a Photographer

Perhaps you are a landscape photographer transitioning into a portrait photographer. Perhaps you have had a camera for a while and want to use it more often. There are many reasons why you want to start to shoot with a model, but you don’t know how to find them. This perhaps is the number one

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How I Found Myself Freaking Finally!!!

  For months I have been asking myself what is Emma Li all about? All I could come out with is fashion and photography, photography and fashion. Round and round I go. The answers are not very satisfying as you can tell. I was taking these photos, and I wonder why I was making these

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3 Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss in San Francisco this Winter

Time sure goes by fast this year, next thing you know it is going to be winter. Here in the Bay Area, we never really have it cold, but it doesn’t mean we should skip all the winter  festivals in the area. From holiday celebrations to night life and restaurant events, there’s a lot going

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Finding the Right Photographer to Work With

Being in front of camera has taught me a lot about photography. Because both the model and the photographer make a photo. Now I have shot with quite a few different photographers, I took notes from the subject’s perspective. One thing we might overlook is that when the photographer is nice and genuine, it evokes

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How to Plan a Cross Country Road Trip

Last year Brian and I did a two months’ cross-country road trip that covered 27 states, 14 major U.S cities and 15 National Parks and Monuments. Many friends asked for our recommendations and how we did it. I thought I would write a piece that would help future road trippers plan a cross-country road trip.

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Working with Fashion Blogger Hannah

  I really like working with fashion bloggers because I love fashion and I love what fashion bloggers can bring to the table. Different people have different needs when it comes to photography. For fashion bloggers, it’s important to show their outfits in different angles and gives them a mixture of overall look and close

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How to Live Creatively in a Not So Creative World

Do you ever feel like you can’t be yourself? Like the world wants you to act and behave certain ways? Well, resit that urge to fit in, because it’s more interesting to lead a life that is unconventional than the other way around. You may actualize your values and dreams only if you stick to

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