Vlog #4: Two Photographers Shoot Two Models

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Last weekend, fellow photographer James, Model Chloe, Taylor and I went on a photography excursion to sunset, San Francisco and Mount Tamalpais. Here is a behind the scene look of our little trip and some photos we created from it.

Recently I got asked a lot about why I like photography so much. At first I couldn’t give a straight answer. After thinking about it, I think photography makes me go to some beautiful places that I normally wouldn’t go to. When I do photography, I’m in the state of flow, where times goes by very fast. I just have so much fun doing photography. That’s why I always want to do more.

Here are the Instagram handles of people in the video.

James @jameslafargue

Chloe @chloebonini

Taylor @tayylorrosse

Me @imaginesville

The below are some photos I took from this trip.









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