Meet Michelle

Michelle is my friend. I ran into her on the street right after work. Michelle is one of the most bad ass people I know. If you want to know how badass she is, she stopped a bus to get my lens cap that I dropped in the middle of the road.

Here she is on her way to a concert. Michelle writes poetry and likes to make music. I’m waiting to share one of her poetry pieces on the blog. 🙂

Best of SF



I don’t usually take photos of Men’s outfits. When I do, they look fly! This is one of the best man’s fashion piece I have seen in San Francisco. I mean look at the layers. This outfit looks both formal and causal at the same time. Nice play with stripes, both horizontal and vertical. This blue hue is beautiful. What is the top between the suit jacket and dress shirt, is it tweed? Love the texture. To finish off with the flower(it’s called Boutonnière, I googled it), very bold and classic!



My Advice to Beginner Street Photographers


My two cents on street photography or any creative pursuit really. Don’t be afraid to shoot!! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

There are multiple times I went out last year on the street and realized I didn’t bring a memory card. I had to buy a memory card on the spot. You bet that I will have that memory card now when I go out and shoot. Always bring an extra battery. These are just things you will learn from experiences.

If you are on the street, you see somebody you want to photograph, go and shoot!

You are in the shade, shoot!

You are in the shadow, shoot!

You are in mixed lighting, shoot!

You don’t have the perfect background, shoot!

You are not sure how the shot is going to come out, shoot!

Shoot because you have your subject right here, if you don’t, chance is that you will never see them again. So shoot! Shoot! And shoot!!

For example, this photo would be better if my shadow is not in it. But guess what, next time I’ll pay attention to that when I’m shooting in setting like this. It is through these not so great photos, you can get better, so keep shooting.

Don’t be afraid to share your not so great photos, we are all learning. Don’t wait until 10 years later when you are a master of your craft to share your work. Don’t take too much pride in your work. Just keep doing it, when you have enough volume, you will get better. Trust me.