10 Days Trekking in Nepal – The Mountain People and Their Life Styles

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Here is a recap of my 10 days trekking in Annapurna. I have given a detailed account of my first 5 days in the previous posts. I decided to make the rest of the trip a picture story and highlight the people who lived in the mountains.

Day 1 Nayapul to Ullerie

Day 2 Ullerie to Ghorepani

Day 3 Went to the wrong way, Back to Ghorepani again at night.

Day 4 Ghorepani to Tadapani, with a short trip to Poon Hill in the morning.

Day 5 Tadapani to Chomrong

Day 6  Chomrong to Dobhan

Day 7 Dobhan to Deurali – An unexpected short day because my shoes were wet.

Day 8 Deurali to ABC then back to Dobhan

Day 9 Dobhan to Chomrong

Day 10 Chomrong to Siwi, where we took a car back to Pokhara.


The final stretch to ABC was absolutely beautiful!
Yes, the houses are the lodges at ABC, I made it!!
Fellow travelers. A Trekker with his guide. I love this trekking community in the mountains. It’s what one can call comradery.
Cute little girl. Probably the youngest trekker on the road.
I headed out of ABC shortly after I got there, I felt the effects of altitude sickness. I had a headache. I was also trying to catch up with my Chinese group. We separated a day earlier because I settled in a lodge earlier.
We stayed at Dobhan again on the way back. The host of the hotel we stayed at let us us use their kitchen to cook some delicious Chinese food. We became friends after that.
This is how the mountain people transport things. Respect!
Looked like they just came back from shopping. haha. But where could they possibly go for shopping?? I didn’t see any shops for locals, maybe a few for travelers.
Taking a break from their daily routines. The footwear of choices in the mountains are sandals and rain boots. ^^
The boys’ loads.
The cows are proud here. People have to walk around them, not the other way around.
Took a moment to rest and enjoy the view.
A house in the mountains at Chomrong.
Cat and Boots.
We also went to the same restaurant on the way back. We liked the young host who spoke good English.
Oh look, it is the little girl I took pictures of on the way out of Chomrong. She was in her school uniform. Here she is harvesting bamboos.
The morning at Chomrong Cottage when the clouds were cleared.
It’s rare to see a shop like this in the mountains. Thinking back, it was kind of cool to not have that many shops, which makes the only expanses in the mountains are food and lodging.
Instant noodle is a popular dish on the trekking route.
On the last day, we thought it would be a easy day, but landslide destroyed the road. (Landslide has already happened, it was not happening while we were there.) We were very confused at first and thought we were on the wrong way.
But it was the right way! We managed to cross a few landslides and crossed over to a farm, eventually found the road out of there with locals’ help.


So yup, this is me and my story of trekking in Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal. See you next time. haha. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the stories. I highly recommend everyone to make a trip over there. It was definitely one of a lifetime experience for me.





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