Best Souvenir from SF

I met Corinne on street of SF. She is from Switzerland. I asked her if she would like to go on a photo shoot with me. She said yes!

We walked around downtown and found cool backgrounds at the edge of Tenderloin, Financial District and Chinatown. Corrine is a photographer. But she is a great model as well.

She said this photoshoot is the best souvenir from SF. She is on her way to LA then New York. I agree. I love meeting people from all around the world and create art and something memorable for them to look back to.

At some point, when I was taking her photos. I spoke out loud, “This looks like advertising I saw in China!” I explained to her that a lot of Chinese brands love to work with Caucasian girls to represent their brands, because Chinese people really look up to white people, they think white people are so beautiful and elegant. Corrine was in disbelief. Now I think about it. It is a little bit bizarre, but it is true though.


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