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Vlog #2: Coast to Coast Fashion – Cross Country Road Trip Edition

Have you ever wondered how people could dress differently in different parts of the country? I have. I set out on a cross country road trip last year to capture the street fashion from coast to coast. In this video I would share what I learned about street fashion across the U.S. Advertisements

Imaginesville Is Going to Be Three Years Old

“Live the Life you’ve imagined.” I wrote the quote on a piece of paper many years ago and it has been on my wall (actual wall) since. This is also why I started imaginesville, a place where people live up to their imaginations and inspirations. It’s an imaginary place where all the creative people live.

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How to Live Creatively in a Not So Creative World

Do you ever feel like you can’t be yourself? Like the world wants you to act and behave certain ways? Well, resit that urge to fit in, because it’s more interesting to lead a life that is unconventional than the other way around. You may actualize your values and dreams only if you stick to

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The Summer to Fall Transition Trick

As the temperature drops when we enter into Fall, there is a cool fashion tip I want to share with you. We have all these cute summer dresses we don’t want to put away yet, the simple trick is to wear leggings, ankle boots and a jacket, then you are all set. It’s not time

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How to Conquer Your Fear of being in front of a Camera

  Unless you are a born model, most of us have this fear of being in front of a camera. We are perfectly ourselves when there is no camera involved. But for some reason, when a camera is pointed at you, you start to feel unnatural, which is called camera shy. In this article I’ll

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