You Do You


Powell St, SF.

She is only 18! She already has such a good taste. Love the short hair and everything about her outfit. We ended up grabbing coffee and hanging out for like half an hour to an hour because we have so much to talk about in fashion. And she just gets me! It’s like she can understand what I’m seeing in my mind without me saying it. We talked about Oakland hipster style, architect Nordic neutral color style, Coco Channel, Rihanna and so much more. Girl, you and people like you are the reason I do what I do.

Washington Park, Portland


Washington Park, Portland

I’m usually not a big fan for sneakers, but these girls were able to pull it off. They made sneakers look cool. I’m also not a big fan for really long hair, they made long hair look gorgeous. I guess it’s not just what you wear, but also how you wear them.

A special note on the girl all the way to the right. I love her look with the glasses. Glasses are in now. Seriously.

They are cousins. When I asked them about their ethnicity, they said Mexican.