By Ace Hotel, Portland

Solid outfit. I don’t know what else to say. It fits her perfectly in so many different levels. Old school style is so much more fun and authentic.

She said when she was little, she grew up with her grandma. And her grandma has all these paper cut outs for dresses. Those have left a deep impression on her and still give her inspiration today. Cool story.

Oh, behind her is Ace Hotel. It’s such a cool hotel with dope interior design. The story about its founder is very interesting too. Definitely worth checking out.

Blue Coat


Colette is a photographer. I really like her work after checking out her Instagram @ofcuriosities. The tone of her photography is very consistent. Her take on things is artistic.

I really like her outfit especially her coat. It tells me a lot about her before I even started to talk to her. It tells me she has a unique taste in fashion or arts in general because of the color, texture and the big buttons. It’s such a signiture coat and so authentic. I love it!!