Best of SF



I don’t usually take photos of Men’s outfits. When I do, they look fly! This is one of the best man’s fashion piece I have seen in San Francisco. I mean look at the layers. This outfit looks both formal and causal at the same time. Nice play with stripes, both horizontal and vertical. This blue hue is beautiful. What is the top between the suit jacket and dress shirt, is it tweed? Love the texture. To finish off with the flower(it’s called Boutonnière, I googled it), very bold and classic!



From Germany


San Francisco, CA.

They are from Frankfurt, Germany. They are on a trip to explore the U.S. They have been to LA, Chicago, San Diego and a few other cities. I could tell they were traveling, cause they were so excited walking down the street of SF.  They told me this is probably the best picture of them on their entire trip. haha. Thanks. I like the denim jacket(on the right) and their overall clean cut urban outfits.



Downtown SF

AC is a friend of mine. He is a customer at the Cafe I used to work. He is kind of mysterious. He has a few companies and travels a lot between New York, SF and LA, sometimes China.

I took a picture of him before while I was working there, but it didn’t turn out well. This one is much better. He said he didn’t really dress up, but I said you have a great build.

You can tell when some people are mature in their style, when what they wear is a very natural extension of who they are. And before you think about any outfit, you should think about your body first. Because your body speaks volume about you that no clothes can substitute.