Lady with a Dress


I know she is wearing her sneakers, but she has a different pair of shoes for work. That’s understandable.

It turns out that she is from the East Coast. When we talk about the differences between styles in East Coast and West Coast, she says that East Coast is more formal. Women dress more femininely, which is new to me.

But when I think about it, when I was in New York, I saw a lot of women wearing dresses. She is right.

I just start to wear more dresses and skirts, because I think I embrace my feminine side more now as I’m older. And we can still feel confident in our dresses. We don’t have to wear pants, that’s the beauty for being a woman.



Let In, Let Out.

My mood recently is best put in a song Unconsolable by X Ambassadors. It’s the same song I listened to during my summer cross country road trip.

Despite everything is falling into the right place, there is always something missing. Despite every reason to be happy, I still feel sad from time to time.

The beautiful lady in the pictures is Thali. She is from Brazil originally and lived in New York for seven years. She has been around the fashion scene a lot working with the press before.

I love people who are open minded and give people a shot even when they may not know you very well. Life seems to be so much more interesting when you let people in. I’m sure Thali would agree since this is our first time met. ^^

Take Me to Chinatown

This is the first editorial piece on my blog. If there is one thing I enjoy the most in SF, that is to take my friends to Chinatown. Malika hasn’t really been to Chinatown before, which comes to be a surprise to me since we both used to work just three blocks away. So when I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with her, I thought about Chinatown.

Here is my little interview with Malika.

What’s your favorite movie?
My favorite movie – I like all movies, but my favorite I think is Alexander the Great.
What’s your favorite person right now?
My favorite person is myself haha.
My bf actually.
What’s your goal for 2017?
My goal is to survive 2017.
How would you describe your style?
Style, I guess I would describe it as simple and fashionable at the same time. I kinda don’t have a specific style, it’s more like if I like it I buy it approach.
If you could give one piece of fashion advice, what would that be?
Fashion advice, I think every girl should have a little black dress in her wardrobe cuz it’s a to go thing.
How did you learn about how to do your makeup?
HHa make up. I’m really bad at doing makeup cuz I spend hella time to make a perfect lines with eyeliner. But I learned everything from YouTube lol.
What do you like to see more in this world?
I wanna see everything in this world, I love to travel, learn something new every time I go somewhere. My dream is finally be able to visit Africa, Dubai, Italy, Turkey and new Zealand. Those are top list places I wanna visit one day.
What is it like to be 19?
Very confused lol
Are you confused about the question? haha, Jk. I love Malika. I think she is very smart and very independent. She already moved out her parents’ place in SF even when she could have just stayed there. There is a lot going for you girl. Thank you so much for being in my first editorial piece. This means a lot to me. ^^