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Having Faith as an Atheist

Let’s face it, we don’t do well with the unknown. Uncertainties drive us crazy. Since the dawn of civilization, humans have used religion to answer questions that we can’t answer, to explain things we can’t explain, and to give us something to hold on to when we don’t have anything. We humans are very small

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My Winter Essentials – How to Keep Warm in a Cold Climate

Growing up in Northern China, I’m a native to cold climates. I also spent two years in Northern Minnesota for college. I’m going home for Chinese New Year in February. So I thought why don’t I write a piece on my winter essentials. I want to start from basic. If you are going to a

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Books Review of 2017

  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a book worm and an egg head. I keep track of all the books I have read since 2011. When I read a book, I underline the important part or part that makes me think. I then read the underlined sessions a second time and

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