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Imaginesville Is Going to Be Three Years Old

“Live the Life you’ve imagined.” I wrote the quote on a piece of paper many years ago and it has been on my wall (actual wall) since. This is also why I started imaginesville, a place where people live up to their imaginations and inspirations. It’s an imaginary place where all the creative people live.

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Working with Fashion Blogger Hannah

  I really like working with fashion bloggers because I love fashion and I love what fashion bloggers can bring to the table. Different people have different needs when it comes to photography. For fashion bloggers, it’s important to show their outfits in different angles and gives them a mixture of overall look and close

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How to Conquer Your Fear of being in front of a Camera

  Unless you are a born model, most of us have this fear of being in front of a camera. We are perfectly ourselves when there is no camera involved. But for some reason, when a camera is pointed at you, you start to feel unnatural, which is called camera shy. In this article I’ll

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