The Rain Continues and SO is Life

It’s kind of funny how street photography has turned into work for me. I would never thought about making this a career. But here I am, training other people about how to approach people in the street, how to frame the shot, not how to edit their photos yet, but that’s definitely coming up.

I have been a bad blogger lately, not posting the photos I took. But trust me, I have been taking photos. Everything around me now is about street photography. I can’t believe it. This is like a dream coming true for sure.

A lot has happened in my personal life. But mainly I’m just trying to keep up with the pace of working at a startup, trying to learn as much as possible, and making sure I’m doing everything to make the business succeed.

Oh there is so much I want to share with you guys, but yeah life is good. I was checking out some apartments in SF because I’m spending all my time here, Monday to Saturday, sometimes Sunday. I can see whey people sleep, eat and work in the same place when they work in a startup. The passion is real. So is the struggle and excitement.

The rain is the theme of the month. I don’t mind it. I think photography is all about capturing the mood of the moment. I love all the rain outfits people wear. But I love a lot of things you know.

I have been really into pink lately. Spring is coming! How about me posting something at least once a week? That I can do. A good blogger I would be. ^^

The Face of San Francisco


Downtown SF.

I used to work in a coffee shop in downtown SF. Toufik is a security guy for one of the high end retail stores. He used to come in everyday to get a shot of espresso. And the interesting thing is he always has a cigarette with his shot of espresso. Something about him dressed so impeccably with his cigarette and espresso is intriguing to me. (Security guys dressed to the T in this city where a lot of techies don’t really care about their physical appearance. Ironic, I know.) I always wants to take a picture of him. But I’m always working.

Well, guess what, I don’t work there anymore. Who do I find when I visited the cafe? Toufik. So I seized the opportunity and got a picture of him.

You know what’s funny. I left SF in June. Four months later, I see the same faces everywhere in downtown SF. It’s like you leave a film set, and the movie just keeps going. You can jump right back in. It’s the weirdest thing ever, but kind of comforting too. SF is a crazy strange but lovely city.

His Name is Andre


Powell Station, SF.

Me: Can I take a picture of you for my street fashion blog?

Andre: Yeah. I can dance, too.

Me: That’s cool.

Andre: We’ll see. We’ll see.

Me: Ok.

After taking the picture.

Me: That was awesome. Can you tell me about yourself?

Andre: I used to work for a retail store, but I stopped. I can’t do it. It’s too overwhelming with all the people. I was diagnostic with schizophrenia by the doctor. I don’t agree with it. I was prescribed three different kinds of antidepressant drugs. I don’t want to take them. They make me drowsy. I don’t feel like myself. Like I can’t dance. But I take it for my Mom.


Me: So what do you do now?

Andre: I like to dance. I want to be a dancer.

Me: Andre, I like the way you dance. Can we make a music video just with you dancing? We can tell your story through your dance moves.

Andre: Yeah, I’m down.

What a beautifully unique individual.