Live and Let Live

We are not separated as you think. We are all people with feelings and emotions. Don’t feel like you are in this alone. We are in this together. Whatever you need to do to stay alive, not just physically, but mentally, psychologically and spiritually, do it. Don’t judge yourself or other people, Live and let live.

My one thing this season is to bring some color in your outfit. Somehow it will add some color to your life. It’s time to put way the black or grey coats away, even if it’s cold, get a bright color jacket or hoodie. Trust me on this one. It will brighten you and other people’s day.

A Day in Emma’s Life


Shooting with a fellow photographer from France for work. Capturing beautiful people on the street.


Going to see a friend’s photos on display at a shop in Mission.


I found the coolest kids in Mission, literally. That 90s outfit! You kids beat all the hipsters in the area in the fashion game.


Taking Bart from Mission back to downtown. Yes, I’m looking at you and I’m taking a picture of you. So?


Back to Powell St. I need to get back to the office to pick up some stuff before heading home. Talking about fashion with these two 17 years old. Get some perspective on street wear. Learned a new word “hype kids”, people who wear supreme, babe, etc.