Saturday Photoshoot – Sutro Baths


If I could go out on a photoshoot on a Saturday the rest of my life, I would be glad to do it! What’s a better way to spend one day of my weekend with fellow photographers and shoot my heart out? Lol

On a different note, being able to work with models in a outdoor nature setting has been a game changer. I really love what we are able to create with the right elements. Love these two’s styles and vibe. Love. love.

Brought to You by Norway


San Francisco, CA.

OMG, look at her eyes!!! Majestic!! She told me that this jacket was past down from her cousin to her brother then to her. It is a men’s jacket. But she likes it. I agree. It works out great.

This is one of the reasons I love somewhat cold weathers, you can really start to see some cool outfits out there. And I’m a huge fan of nice jackets and coats. Bring them on, guys!

Btw, she is from Norway. The Norwegians have great fashion sense. I notice they have awesome use of neutral tones.

Grew Up in Boulder



Boulder, CO.

She grew up in Boulder, which is kind of cool. She is going to college now and heading to a coffee shop to study. She just loves coffee shops, haha.

When I told her that I’m from California. She said that’s where she wants to live. I told her I want to move to Boulder. Maybe we can trade places. XD

I get so lucky with this pink almost salmon colored wall. It is perfect for this photo shoot.