Birthday Trip – Mono Lake/Hot Springs

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Mono Lake

For my Birthday in February this year, I went to Mono Lake area with my partner. I booked an hotel in Bridgeport for three nights. My favorite part of this trip is soaking in hot springs at Travertine Hot Springs. We went there on a week day morning and were very lucky to get a good spot. Because of COVID, we were able to have a little pool for ourselves. This is truly such an unique experience soaking in hot water in the middle of the winter surrounded by beautiful landscape.

We actually went back a second day to check out the whole area and found there were several pools. That also gave me an opportunity to take some photos.

This area actually has a lot of hot springs. If you are interested, you can look them up online. This is definitely not the only option. It must be a paradise for hot spring lovers.

We were in the middle one.

Bodie, the historical gold-mining town and State Park, was one of our destinations. But the road to Bodie was closed. So we didn’t end up going. Instead we went to Hot Creek Geological Site. The road to that park was not plowed. We hiked about half an hour to get in the park. There was no one there. We had the whole park to ourselves, which was quite surreal. The place was incredibly beautiful. I felt like I was in a painting.

You could tell the water was hot because steam was coming out of it.

Hot Creek Geological Site
Hot Creek Geological Site
Hot Creek Geological Site

Mono Lake was our final destination. I really loved the tufa towers. Touching them was quite fun. They have a very unique texture. South Tufa area was closed because of previous fire. But we were able to hike around the lake quite a bit to see tufa up close.

Mono Lake

All in all, I enjoyed this area very much. I will come and visit again in the summer since we couldn’t go to all the spots in the winter. It’s also very close to Yosemite, so we may go there, too.

Stay safe, y’all!

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