New Look Book – First in 2018

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I haven’t done a look book for a while. As you can tell, I have been doing more Youtube videos, which are super fun! These days I have so many inspirations and so many things I want to do. It’s hard to do it all, haha. I’m sure you feel the same way.

I really like this hoodie featured in this set of photos. I think it’s a good fit to my personality. I consider my style the opposite of chic. I’m not one of the people who feel girly. Although I do have a fair share of dresses, I’m really a big fan of men’s fashion. Guys dress more for functionality not for fashion, yet, guys’ clothes can look so good. I love the trend of CoCo Chanel and Ralph Lauren’s designs for women, because they gave women a texture and a form that speaks of confidence and power.

In my own selection of clothing, I would say it is not very defined. I know how I would like to dress, I just haven’t spent the time and efforts to really materialize it. Shopping is such a task. It can be daunting. I’m also not very materialistic. I don’t like to accumulate a lot of clothes. I don’t like to consume. So I may not be a good fashion blogger because I don’t like to shop and I don’t like to consume. But I do like fashion, haha. Is that a paradox?

Anyway, Also want to give you a life update. I’m making a trip to China for a month for Chinese New Year in February. I will be doing photo journalism and Vlogging in my trip. If you haven’t subscribed to my Youtube Channel yet, what are you waiting for? haha. I’m very excited to be reunited with family and friends. Can’t wait to show you our Northern Chinese culture. Stay tuned. ^^

Photographer: Joe Linares


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