My Winter Essentials – How to Keep Warm in a Cold Climate

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Growing up in Northern China, I’m a native to cold climates. I also spent two years in Northern Minnesota for college. I’m going home for Chinese New Year in February. So I thought why don’t I write a piece on my winter essentials.

I want to start from basic. If you are going to a really cold place, you want to have thermal underwear, or some people call it long johns. These are all really important, because they will be your first layer of protection against the cold.

On top of that, then you will need thermal pants or tights/leggings. Depending on how cold the weather is, there are different levels of thickness you can choose. For top, sweaters are the go to choices.

A nice winter coat is essential in a cold climate. The popular coat of choice in northern china is a down jacket. They are light and pretty effective in keeping people warm. One thing people should not overlook is a pair of winter boots. Your toes will freeze if you don’t! Don’t forget gloves, hats, and scarves. On really cold dates when I grew up in China, we wore face mask to cover our faces so that only our eyes were exposed. Yes one can imagine how cold it was in Northern China.

To be honest, it is hard to have a great style in really cold climates, because keeping warm should be your priority. It is inevitable to dress bulky. What can help is to have cute accessories, like cute hats and gloves. You may not have a lot of flexibility in coats, but you can definitely choose many different kinds of sweaters. So you can look sharp indoors. I will write a separate article on how to dress with style in a cold climate. Stay tuned. ^^



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