Shark Fin Cove Meet

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You many not know that I run a meetup group called San Francisco Bay Area Models, Bloggers, and Photographers Collective.

It has been almost a year old and we are are 438 members strong. I feel we can grow to 1000 members next year.

It started off as part of my job at a photography startup. Then I took ownership of it when I left my job. My boss didn’t see the value in it and wanted to stop supporting the meetup. So I took over and kept the community alive. I was running it the whole time anyway.

Some of the cool things we do are a big meet where models and photographers come together to create beautiful images. We have done three of this kind of events, which is a lot of fun.

We also have workshops where we have more established and professional photographers to teach certain photography techniques.

These photos are from our most recent shoot at Shark Fin Cove, Davenport, CA.











If you are a creative based in SF Bay Area, join us at our meetup. I may see you at our next event.

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