Imaginesville Is Going to Be Three Years Old

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“Live the Life you’ve imagined.”

I wrote the quote on a piece of paper many years ago and it has been on my wall (actual wall) since. This is also why I started imaginesville, a place where people live up to their imaginations and inspirations. It’s an imaginary place where all the creative people live. I collected them through street fashion pictures and put them on my blog. It’s a reminder that we don’t have to fit in. We don’t have to accept what is normal, standard, and trivial. ⠀
It has been three years exactly since I started imaginsville at the end of October. It has been quite a journey. I feel like my focus has shifted over the years as my interests change from street fashion and street photography to portrait photography and showcasing my own style. What hasn’t changed is that imaginesville continues to be a creative outlet for me as I figure out career and life. It’s a place where I still dream, which is huge. I hope you find a space in your life that you keep your dream alive and keep your imagination intact. ⠀

I also look forward to the next three years for imaginesville. There are many possibilities as I’m dedicating more time to it. Perhaps it has gone through its infant stage and becoming a little kid now. We’ll see.

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