Hospitable or human trafficking? – A Crazy Day in Nepal Part II

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Continued from Part I.

The thing I like the most about the Holy Man I talked to is that he is so down to earth. He greeted people passing by. They talked to him like he was a great neighbor. You could tell he was accessible to them. He doesn’t appear to be better than other people. (He was clipping his nails while we were there.) He was just so casual and so human.

To pick up from where we stopped in last article. My new Nepalese friend and I finished the plate of cucumber and apple. (It was really good actually.) My friend told me a little more about Hinduism, which was pretty fascinating. He also told me that it was his Mom’s birthday today and they would have a little celebration. I was welcomed to come. I was overjoyed. What a great opportunity to check out a local’s place and see their culture from the inside! The party would start around 9pm he said, but it was not like the American party. I said of course, it would be cool for what it is.

I was getting hungry at the time cause I haven’t eat since 9am. It was around 4pm perhaps. We headed out of the Temple (People were still waiting in line to get in, crazy I know) and grabbed some food at a cafe. I had a local noodle dish. He had cheese pizza. (Isn’t ironic that I wanted to have local food and he wanted to have western food?) He had some questions for me about America, like do they party like how it’s shown in movies? I said, it is. But young people party a lot when they are in college. Once they start working, they usually go to bars and clubs, not as many parties.


I could tell he had the same fascination about the U.S like I once was before coming to the U.S. He refereed to American Pie. I don’t know why. I thought American Pie was a great representation of American culture as well when I was younger, so was the show Friends. I told him it was not like that. People are definitely more open about sex in the U.S than China or Nepal, but they are not that open like it was in the movies.

Because he works as a guide, he is exposed to many different cultures. It seemed to him that it would be easy to get laid with a foreign women than the local ones. I deducted this from our conversation. I “reassured” him that nothing would happen between us. I was definitely going back to my hostel tonight.

After dinner, we went back to the temple. There was a night ceremony at 7pm. The place was packed with people. People were praying, singing and clapping their hands. It was definitely a sight that I would not forget for a long time.

Then we headed towards his family’s place. But he needed to get some sweets and a cake for the party. I got two peacock feathers as a gift to his mother. We walked out of the busy area where everyone was. We stopped by one shop and he got the sweats. We walked a little bit more. He still hadn’t got the cake. I was starting to ask myself if it really was his mother’s birthday.

He said, do you drink wine? I said no. For some reason, this question really bothered me. Was he still trying to hook up with me?


Then we went to this street that has no street lights. The darkness triggered something in me. One thought occurred to me. Wait a second. I’m in a foreign country. I’m about to go with a stranger to his place at night. He said it was his mother’s birthday party. But could that be a lie? Is this human trafficking? What if I got inside and wasn’t able to get out?

Ok to be fair, I was probably being paranoid. But right there I decided that I couldn’t go any further. I needed to turn back and walked back to where more people were. I said, “Actually I want to leave now. It is getting late. I don’t want to go anymore.”

He was disappointed by my sudden change of heart and behavior. He said he already told his Mom that I was coming. (Which could be true because he made a phone call when I was getting the peacock feathers.) I said, “It’s really not you. I think you are a good person. I just don’t think it’s a good idea to go to somebody’s place at night in a foreign country. It’s against my instinct.”

I started to walk back to the main street. I could tell he was pissed. He really wanted me to go with him, which made me really not want to go. He said, “I could even have my Mom come outside of the house. I want to show you that you didn’t trust the wrong person.”

He wanted the taxi driver to go by his house before dropping me off at the hotel so I could see he was truthful. For me, there is no turning back. Sure it was very likely he was speaking the truth. I didn’t think he would spend all these time and make up so many lies to trick me. But I sensed even all that was true, he might still try to have me stay overnight or something. I needed to get out when I could.

At some point, he said, “Then give me 12-15 dollars for all the time I spent with you.” I knew he didn’t mean it. He was just so mad. I had sympathy for him. I did feel like I have done something wrong. I said, “What if we just exchange contacts, and I can see you during daytime?” He said, “No I don’t want to anymore.” I can understand why he said that. If he was truthful, then I was being an asshole. But I can’t take that chance.

He finally got so angry that he pushed back the peacock feathers to me and walked off. The taxi driver instantly got out of the car and opened the door for me. Thank God. I was not alone. Somebody hasn’t given up on me.

I really wanted to ask what the taxi driver think about the whole situation since he was there when we had the conversation, but his English was very limited.

I was thinking two things. One I hurt his feelings. I know he must be so frustrated and disappointment in humanity because I didn’t trust him after all the nice things he has done for me and showed me the hospitality. Now he is going to have a darker view on people, women maybe particularly. Two I don’t regret my decision. Sure it would be nice to learn more about Nepalese culture at a local’s place. But I don’t want to put myself in danger even at the slightest chance.

And I was thinking, Even in Nepal, you managed to have some dramas. Should you just hide yourself? It is sad to think that people are not nice to your for no reasons. They always want something from you. The only person who wants nothing back was the holy man.

With that, I ended the article. I don’t blame the guy for anything. I appreciate his company and him showing me the local culture and translate for me and the Holy man. He made my day. I wish there would be a better ending, but I have tried my best.

“Control your senses.” the holy man said.


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