The Pious Nepalese

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Today marks the second day of me being in Nepal, I feel like Alice in wonderland. I and a friend I made from the hostel wondered the narrow alleyways to Durbar Square, where the kings used to live.

The first alleyway we went through were full of meat vendors. We were a little bit concerned about all the flies around, it was definitely a different set up.
There are all these little shops in the alleyway. You can probably get anything you need here.
There are all these little shops in the alleyway. You can probably get anything you need here.
A busy intersection usually connects to four or more alleyways in different directions.




I saw this new kind of incense, it’s not a stick, it’s in tiny ropes.
Many people took their shoes off before getting on the platform.
Ahhh. This is how you get through monsoon season.
Parents would take their kids as well and have their kids participate in the ritual.
Isn’t she pretty? I see many good looking men and women here actually.
That cow is having it good.
I saw this group of girls. They are quite fashionable. Note the girl with fishnet tights, open knee pants and Adidas shoes.
This is where the king at Kathmandu used to live.
This looks a little weird to me. The brochure said, “The kneeling figure of Hanuman, the Hindu God who is always depicted in the form of monkey, sits on a tall stone pedestal.”
I agree Master Baker! I like how the pastries are stored in the glass. Many other vendors just have them outside.
There are some really OLD buildings here, you would be surprised that people live in them.
This is a really interesting scene to me. I figured it out pretty quickly though. She brought the rice cooker to him to have it fixed. If this is China or the US, people would just throw away the broken one and buy a new one.
There seem to be endless of alleyways, one can not explore them all.

I would say that I had a good glimpse of Nepalese life today by walking through the alleyways. I was so tripped out at some point of the road. Part of it is that everything is so exotic to me. Part of it is I’m shocked by the poverty level.  Part of it is just how vibrant the culture here is from how people dress to their religious practices. I get a sense that  people live here FULLY despite their struggles to make ends meet.

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