Meet Dasha

I met Dasha on the street of SF like most people I featured on the blog. I think she is one of the coolest people I have met for a while.

She came to the U.S last year for college from South Korea. She didn’t go to high school but worked instead. She said because of that she got to learn about what she likes or doesn’t like in makeup and fashion at an early age. She went to university though after taking an exam similar to SAT.


I asked her what her major is in college, she said restaurant management, but she wanted to try something else too. She said, “As long as I figure out something before 40, it’s ok.” I was thinking to myself. Wow. I really like her attitude.

The thing I get out of Dasha’s story is that you need to create your own path. Not just simply follow what everyone does. Here she is in America, experiencing a new culture. She seems to be so confident in herself and so comfortable in her own skin. Is it just youth? What happened to us adults, I mean people who have been working for a while after college? Lol we don’t seem to be as hopeful, it’s something to think about.



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