Christina – The 19 Year Old that is Traveling Around the World

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You know that feeling when you went on a hike and found this beautiful lake that is so pure and gorgeous. Part of you wants to share with the world what you found. Part of you don’t want anybody else to find this place, so nobody can touch it and ruin the tranquility and natural beauty. That’s my feeling when I found Christina. You definitely sense you have met somebody who means quality, who knows what they like and don’t like, who has found her way and her voice.




Christina just turned 19 years old this week. Being so young, she has an exquisite taste in her clothes and makeup. I met her in San Francisco while she is traveling around the world in her gap year after high school. She has been in Australia for four months prior to coming to the U.S. Then she headed to Canada before returning to Germany.




When I asked her about what is the experience like, she told me that it was the best thing she has done in her life so far. She said, “I’m 18, I have never lived alone in my life. I just moved out of my home to the other side of the world and traveling all on my own. It’s quite easier than you think, cause you meet so many people, you are never alone. You meet the most amazing people out here. I just don’t want to go back.”




When I asked her about how she developed her style. She said “It’s definitely a development. You become more comfortable and more confident in how you look at yourself. At the beginning, I was a little fearful of what other people think. Not any more. Either they don’t care or they would just support you. Cause it’s you. You can do whatever you want. It’s your body and your face. Just do whatever you feel comfortable with. “

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