His Name is Andre

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Powell Station, SF.

Me: Can I take a picture of you for my street fashion blog?

Andre: Yeah. I can dance, too.

Me: That’s cool.

Andre: We’ll see. We’ll see.

Me: Ok.

After taking the picture.

Me: That was awesome. Can you tell me about yourself?

Andre: I used to work for a retail store, but I stopped. I can’t do it. It’s too overwhelming with all the people. I was diagnostic with schizophrenia by the doctor. I don’t agree with it. I was prescribed three different kinds of antidepressant drugs. I don’t want to take them. They make me drowsy. I don’t feel like myself. Like I can’t dance. But I take it for my Mom.


Me: So what do you do now?

Andre: I like to dance. I want to be a dancer.

Me: Andre, I like the way you dance. Can we make a music video just with you dancing? We can tell your story through your dance moves.

Andre: Yeah, I’m down.

What a beautifully unique individual.


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