Young Professional in SF

SoMa, SF.

You know what attracts me to SF?

All the young professional people walking around in SF looking so sharp. I’m not kidding. It’s like all the good looking people got a job in downtown SF. And there’s definitely a SF look where it’s not too formal like suit and tie, but not too casual like T-shirts. It’s the in between zone.

Rohit here is an urban architect. (I swear architects have some of the best fashion sense.) He is from India and went to school in Berkeley. I asked him to give my readers one piece of fashion advice. He said everyone should have a black shirt, a white shirt, denim, and brown or black leather in their wardrobe. Use accent color to set the mood and give a sense of freshness. (Accent color? Is that architecture language? But again English is my second language. Anyway,  I have to google it. Accent colors are colors that are used for emphasis in a color scheme. These colors can often be bold or vivid and are used sparingly, to emphasize, contrast or create rhythm.)

Notice his belt, bag and watch are all made of brown leather! Actually his shoes, too. But they are not in the picture.


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