Roaming in Mission on a Halloween Weekend

Ok. I always want to go to Mission in San Francisco on a Friday night or Saturday night to capture all the interesting people there. The problem is all the party goers don’t go out until later. Low light photography is a little bit tricky. I have this LED light that is super bright and really put people on the spot light.

But it is Halloween, I decided to screw it and just get my ass over there. And let me tell you it was so much fun. I absolutely love all the characters people play. I wish we could dress up more in our daily life. Life is about being fun and authentic. Let’s not stay in the box all the time.

Halloween is definitely one of my favorite American holidays. Are you guys ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas yet? 2016 as we know it is officially over, lol, at least in my head. Who is ready for 2017? I can’t wait to take more pictures and present you all the beautiful individuals out there that I have and have not met.

Thanks the Universe for an absolutely amazing year traveling and meeting new people. Let’s never stop exploring, taking adventures, and  bringing more creative authentic people into our lives.

So much love,



Killing it! (That guy is really creepy though. I don’t think he’s gonna take any girl home tonight. LOL)


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