New Jersey to Philly

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Malik is from New Jersey though. He got the tank top and hat from his trip in Costa Rica. He told me that he hanged out in Philly and New York a lot.

Malik is from New Jersey though. He got the tank top and hat from his trip in Costa Rica. He told me that he hanged out in Philly and New York a lot.

He is a poet. Here’s his piece on love.

What does love look like you ask? Theres a million ways to tell you that I lov… I mean “like like” you.
Hay muchas formas de decir “te amo”
Par exemple, Je t’aime
Im passionate about you.
A million way to describe a feeling that no one has come to fully understand
Scholars, MUSICIANS, POETS & English majors have failed us for centuries,
Formulating and rearranging letters
only TO say the same thing a different way
they tried to teach us that love was “Where for art thou Romeo”
Or TELL US REAL LOVE IS LIKE the Great Gatsby,
Or THAT LOVE IS reminisce about how you use to call me on my cell phone.. Late nights wen you need my love.
But the wait is over….
Ladies and Gentlemen, I have deciphered the code
Ive come up with the greatest theory since Newton and gravity
… Maybe no one has ever been able to describe love because…
Frankly… they never met you.
They never got to witness the gravitational pull of your glance
That only constant, that constantly has my heart in orbit, making me constantly fall for you over and over
They never got to feel what its like to lose your breathe from the aesthetic geometrics that makes up your face,
The slope of the bridge of your nose, the circumference of your eyes, the surface area of the wrinkles in your face when you smile, the intensity of your diamonds you call teeth. All in perfect alignment with one another, you are my favorite constellation.
MaybeThey never got to calculate the velocity of how fast we connected.
I guess they took it 3.00×10^9
I mean… I guess they took it light
Or they never got to hear the way you tell me everything is going to be alright
She tells me P=mgh
And only you can define how high you can reach.
You unlocked my potential
You make me feel like I can be the first black super Saiyan
Or the maybe they never go to measure the magnetic force of your soul that keeps me coming back for more
Maybe They never got to calculate your energy,
Because if E = mc^2
Its makes sense that… Everything= must come second.
I guess they never had the opportunity to realize the biggest star is right in front of them.
I don’t think the word love should exist.
It’s a pretense…
I think we should replace it with the things that gives us hype or butter flies or nervous
Like Instead of I love you say
I “my first time listening to MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY” you
I “drakes verse in Jumpman” you
I “sitting in the front of Kingda Ka” you
I “my first spoken word performance” you
I “when you know your mom about to whip that ass and you tryna pretend like you sleep” you
I “new season of walking dead coming out next week” you
I “the first time I heard you sing” you
I “the first time, we netflix’d and chilled and actually netflix’d and chilled” you

I’m tryna say…Forget what people have been preaching to you
Because no one could ever understand it, until they feel love like I feel it for you.
Im passionate about you
Par exemple, je t’aime
Hay muchas formas de decir ” te amo”
But this is greater than any combination of letters

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