Street Fashion – Boston

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I finally got to the East Coast after a month of traveling. This is the first picture I took in Boston. I love this guy’s outfit and how clean and sharp it looks.


Can you tell this is so East Coast? Love it. I have never seen an African American dressed like him. Time to broaden my horizon. ^^
I love this girl’s confidence and how comfortable she is in her own skin. She is studying film in a nearby school by Boston Common. They give me many suggestions on where to go in Boston. People are really nice here.
Why do people wear sports socks and slippers together? I don’t know. But the look is in right now. I see both guys and girls do it. Anyway, they look adorable hanging out at the street corner with their backpacks. Haha.
This guy just got off work. He works in Tech. Can you tell the difference between a East Coast techie to a West Coast Techie? I mean he is dressed casually, but still so much better dressed than SF Techie. Lol. I would get a picture of SF Techie when I get back so you can compare.
For you guys who have seen my other posts before, I’m a huge fan of the bucket hat. Whoever can pull off a good bucket hat can be featured on my blog. Period. Btw, he is from Ukraine. He was working in the U.S in the summer through a program that gives foreign college students an opportunity to come here to work and travel. I met quite a few people from the program. They are from everywhere, really cool.

I see a come back in braided hair on the streets in this last year or so, mostly with teenagers, but adults can pull it off too.

This couple is off to a party, definitely dressed to have a good time.

I got this picture from behind, cause I really like his hairstyle and his T-shirt. After talking to them, I learned that they are from Italy and they work in the medical field. He has a collection of fun looking T-shirts. He doesn’t want to look average. I totally get it and appreciate people who have a unique take in clothing.


I found a guy who is more passionate about fashion than I am. I can tell just from the way he talks about it. When I approached him, he was watching a documentary on Jean-Michel, who was an influential artist back in the 80s.

He likes to mix and match brands to have his own style. Some of the brands he likes are Fred Perry, Bape, Stone Island, Cav Empt, Comme des Garçons, and Stüssy. Sound like I have some homework to do, cause I have not heard most of them.

Caught them shopping at Newbury St. She is from LA. He is from Malaysia. They met at a university in Boston.
I was on Newburry St when I saw her on the stairs eating yogurt. It turns out she is a fashion blogger. I really admire people who can consistently blog for years knowing how much work it must be. It’s a dedication for sure.
I really like jumpsuits. So when i saw her, I knew I wanted a picture. Just like Coco Chanel once said, every woman should have a little black dress. I think every women should have a kick ass black jumpsuit.
Kids (I mean teenagers) are killing it these days in fashion. It seems like they are more in tune with what is cool intuitively. They are actually from Ukraine. They told me many fashion designers from Ukraine have achieved international acclaim. They also told me to check out this Russian brand Bat Norton. I did, really interesting conceptual design, you can tell it’s different from the U.S. It has a raw and edgy feel.
I Love her outfit. I would never think about wearing a hoodie with a skirt and a beanie, but it works!! You can clearly tell she has a very unique take on personal style, and that’s really what I’m looking for on the streets. Things you can’t just copy and paste from a magazine or something.
By now, you probably know that I really like guys with plaid shirts. I think every guy should have a few signature plaids that are just you. He is from New Mexico and studying music at Boston. He told me his style inspiration is the heroin look, no wonder he reminds me of Edward in Twilight. They both look pale, haha.
This is not an advertising for Zara, haha. Now looking back since I have been to New York and Philadelphia, the Boston look is away cleaner. You’ll see what I mean in a few days. Those pictures will be up soon.
She is going to school in Harvard. But from what I saw, students here dress like college students everywhere, it’s disappointing but it does make sense though, it’s not like they are all art students. She stands out in the crowd. I love her look. Cute but sophisticated. Preppy but casual. I just like how she carries herself, mature and confident.
She is doing post doctorate in Harvard.I like how she mixed and matched this outfit together. Dressing oneself takes creativity too believe it or not.
She is actually going to school in Stanford. She is visiting friends in MIT and Harvard. Love the texture of her shirt and her hair.
I love her outfit, her watch and her shoes. I believe we should walk out of the door every day feeling fabulous.
I didn’t realize how cool his T-shirt was until now. He is studying in Harvard and iiving in Somerville. Really humble guy. He told me his perspective about the school and students there, very interesting stuff.



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