Street Fashon – Detroit

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They think they are basic, but I think they are chic.
These girls remind me of Furiosa in Mad Max. So bad ass.
I don’t know if she is inspired by Mickey Mouse. But I lover her hairdo. These girls are the reasons I want to go on the street to capture people’s styles. Because they are so original and so fun.
I think it’s so cool that we have so many ways to express ourselves; it makes the world a much interesting place. It would be hella boring if we are all alike in our tastes in clothing and everything else.
I’m blown away by this girl. Love all the accessories! You would not see another person dress like this, so funky. I ran into her the next day, she had a completely different outfit and look. She is a perfect example of what we can do each day to put together our outfits creatively. Life is about play, don’t forget that.
These two are just too cute and they didn’t think they were fashionable.
Yellow socks! Nice!!


Beautiful dress and hairdo.

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