Street Fashion – Chicago

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Always appreciate a nice print design. It feels very exotic.
It was quite bold of her to wear blue socks with purple sandals. But you know what, you pulled it off. I snapped this picture right before she greeted her boyfriend. So cute.


I love her look. It’s a good representation of the Chicago look. When I think about Chicago, I think about clean cut sporty looks.
Clean cut black and white look. I like this picture where he hided his face. There are too many times I want to hide my face too. But look how defined his arm looks and those tattoos. Our body is indeed a canvas.
Guys talk to each other about relationship too, not just girls.
I love her jacket, it reminds me of marching band jackets.
Whoever can cut her hair this short and wear it with confidence is a Goddess to me. Love the red jacket! And the rest of the outfit. Perfffecctt! And why is she carrying that cup? Adorable.
This girl reminds me of Angelina Jolie in the movie Salt when she dressed like a soldier with short black hair in uniforms. The attitude is definitely similar. You can command an army, girl.


The guy with the bike is so handsome and has an old school look to him.
These guys killed it. Very conceptual look, almost a little bit futuristic. City living and urban look at its best.
Love the hair! He’s a photographer too,a really good one. @crapple on Instagram.

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