The Land of Kings and Queens

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Minnesota State Fair

I love this couple’s look. I think it’s really cute. simple, clean cut and robust.

They are both in High School. He makes music and writes poetry, very good original work.

The Land of Kings and Queens is the title of his poem. I got his permission to share it here.

The Land of Kings and Queens.

I am from the materfamilias of all lands.
The land of beautiful negro negus of all man.
The originator of nature, where adolescents play in the scorching gold sand.
From verdant forests that drenches with God’s tears,
to shriveled savannas with gazelles dashing with fear.

I am from the land of beginning of mankind.
When color wasn’t relevant, but instead a royal mind.
The land of abundant ebony empires, with black emperors and black queens,
more Moors discovered diamonds dearly, and treasures that were never seen.

I am from the land with drums that talk, as village children bounce with joy.
I am from Sunny Ade producing soothing sounds with his strumming toy.
The land of pappy pounded yam that’s as white as the fluffy pillows in the African sky,
As I gaze when pink and orange fill the horizon and the sun passes by.

I am from the land of unity; injustice oppression always died.
Where golden pyramids made Homo sapiens civilized.
The land of bare footed youngsters playing ball with their feet in the cocoa hazel dirt,
and roaring flaxen lions stroll like kings as they lurk.

This is the land of all people, animalia, all things alive.
The land of jubilation and celebration, gungun drums beat as people jive.
Queen Mother Yaa, Negus of Abyssinia, both part of the ebony team,
Africa, Africa, the land of Kings and Queens.


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