Espresso EnCounter

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Omaha, Nebraska.

I should have published this picture two months ago. Clearly my mind was somewhere else. But this picture was always in the back of my consciousness waiting for me to shine a light.

I met Dan at the coffee shop in Omaha during my trip there to see Warren Buffet in his annual stockholder meeting. Wherever I travel to, I always like to check out the local coffee shop.

Because I think there are two places you can meet people easily and check out the local culture quickly, coffee shops and bars.

Something about Dan caught my attention. There is something artistic about him. Is it his unkempt hair? Is it his plaid shirt? Is it his glasses? Or the combination of all of them?

Anyway after I talked to him, I found out that Dan is actually a fashion designer. He used to live in LA but moved back to Nebraska because the cost of living is away lower in NE. He could just work part time in the coffee shop and still have plenty of time working on his design work. Once a while he’ll travel to major cities for shows.

I thought to myself, that is brilliant! I might move to a much smaller town too one day so I can pursue my creative side without worrying about having to make a lot of money just to keep going with life.

That’s one reason I like traveling, to get inspired by other people’s stories. Dan’s website is He has some really cool looking designs there. I’m very glad that I trust my instincts. You never know who the person behind the counter is capable of.

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