Weekday Comfort

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First oneI met Liz by Heart Coffee in Portland. She was the first person I talked to about my blog there. I was very lucky because she was so supportive of my project.

Liz is the founder of Poetry Press Week. PPW is like a Fashion Week runway for poetry. Poets can have their work presented by actors and so on and sell their work at the show to publishers. Liz started PPW in Portland. Now she is taking it to Miami and Berlin, which is so awesome.

I caught Liz on a day when she just wanted to be comfortable with comfy clothes but still presentable so she could go out to a coffee shop and meet with some friends.  I love the texture of her scarf, sweater and sweatpants. They kept her warm on a cloudy day. The coat is a nice finish touch. It gave the whole outfit a stylish look.

When I talked about what I wanted to do for my work, Liz said something very inspirational to me. She said, “Keep showing up to the life you want, and it will happen for you.” I’m definitely happy that I showed up in Portland, otherwise I would never know about Poetry Press Week. It’s an amazing concept. I would love to attend one of those gatherings in the future.

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