Give me a good jacket, I’ll give you a man.


IMG_3846 copyIn a previous post, one said Chicago doesn’t have its distinguished style. I disagree.

Because of the season, I see many women wear trench coats and men wear very stylish jackets.

Patrick is an optician. What I notice is that architects and opticians have very good taste in the design and texture of clothes. Or is it just a coincidence? We’ll see.

Going back to the title though. Just like every girl needs to have her little black dress, I think every man should have his signature jacket.

3 comments on “Give me a good jacket, I’ll give you a man.”

  1. Great post, I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago – would you recommend it?
    I definitely think every man should invest in a quality jacket – you can’t beat Belstaff (personally). You look so damn cool.


    1. Yeah definitely! I actually didn’t get to explore Chicago that much. I flew in on Tuesday and came back on Thursday night. But Chicago left a very strong impression on me, especially the big city aura.The architecture is epic.
      I did a quick search on Belstaff. That’s the brand of Sherlock Holmes’ jacket. That’s awesome! I love that show. haha.

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      1. I’ll definitely have to look into Chicago (maybe next year).
        Got to love Sherlock, loved the movies with Robert Downey Jr.

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