IMG_3570 copyWhen I approached her about posing for my blog. She blurted out loud, “It’s the red lipstick! It’s Sephora 01 Always Red. ”

Hahaha, chatting with her a little more. She told me that She grew up in London. ( Oh I wish I can tell you in her English accent. lol.) She is a musician. Genre is experimental music.

We talked about fashion in the U. S. compared to that in the U. K. She said Americans dress so bad, especially the men. Hahahaha. She had to dress down once she moved over to SF. She used to be more eclectic, but she described her style now as laid back chick.

I love love love her style. As soon as she told me she’s from London. It all made sense. The Europeans definitely have their own looks. What interests me is as Chinese descents, where we grow up makes a big difference on how we look. One day I will take on a project on how Chinese living in different parts of the world look like.


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Her Instagram is Happylandsf