There’s no other event giving me as many inspirations as First Friday. It is always fun with endless possibilities depending on what you want to take out of it. For me, it is definitely people watching. There’s no other event that gathers a crowd like this.

IMG_9426 copy

She is a hair stylist and make up artist. When I ask her where she gets her fashion inspirations, she says Africa in terms of color and texture, which connects her to her roots.


Very polished urban young professional look. Totally rocked that glasses.She is planning on moving to Jamaica in the near future.

IMG_9468 copy

Love that hair and smile!

IMG_9496 copy

I just love her outfit. So cute! Very Californiaish to me.

IMG_9413 copy

Freshman at SF State. She says she usually doesn’t dress up. But look what happens when you do though. Haha. Her Mom was with her, too. And she says dressing up is making a statement about yourself. Totally agree.

IMG_9445 copy

IMG_9503 copy

They are from Sweden. Love the coat and the color, very Scandinavian feeling. They call it lack of color, but I really think it’s simple,elegant and cool.


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