First Friday in Oakland

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Oakland First Friday is my personal ALL TIME favorite event in the bay area. Every time I go there, I feel like Alice in Wonderland. There are so many rabbits hole around. It’s very rich in content and high in stimulation. Last time I was there, I didn’t even make it from one end to the other. I have been trying to document the event, but I always end up talking with people, which is not bad at all. The people there are very open and friendly. All the artists feel very personal. Every time I go, I had a different experience.

To summarize it up, First Friday to me is a great block party with so much art, music, food, and cool people. It’s the quintessence of America, especially California, and distinctly Oakland.

IMG_0864 IMG_6940She is just like a Goddess in the sea of people. And I think that’s what I’m interested in personal style. Because some people just stand out from the crowd, and make you look and look. What does our personal style say about us? Anyway, she is so beautiful in so many ways.


IMG_6953Mixed media display by the side of the street. The creators Louis and Lauren say a lot of people actually just walked by without noticing these are models because it’s such a common scene. This project is called The Slump Life. And I think that’s why we have art, my middle school Chinese teacher always says, “Art is from life, and above life.”


IMG_6903The picture at the title area is a work from Janay (Left in the picuture) at The Window Lady, she hand made the most unique and intricate clothes. Very impressive.

Janay says the organizer wants to move her to the back of the block. I hope she doesn’t get moved, because I think her bus is the center piece of First Friday. She said that a lot of people have moved to gallerias and other places, but she has stayed at First Friday for five years.


She is Art Therapy major. People like her gives me a lot of hope. Beautiful smile and beautiful personality.


Some people do look like movie stars in real life. IMG_0871Last but not least, a good friend I made from going to first Friday, Victor Castro.

He works at Silicon Valley for tech companies, but in his spare time, he is a crazy good artist. This picture doesn’t do the justice. Look forward to working with him for a video together soon.

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